We love this organizer so much! I bought one for my 7 year old for all of our road trips and he actually ended up taking it out of the car and he now uses it for his Pokémon cards. A family member was asking about it for her son so we bought him one for his birthday! It has been a huge hit in the family.

...Brittney W.

My boys LOVE these so much...in fact, they sometimes go out to the truck when it's parked just to sit in it and draw.....these are well made & sturdy. My boys are 5&8 and both use them every time we go on a ride.. doesn't matter it if its a 5 minute or 3 hour trip! One of the best purchases I've made in a long time. Thanks!

...Megan M.

I got this for a road trip to Legoland. My son loves to watch his tablet and color markers and put together legos and drive cars/etc. Very difficult to keep him entertained for 10 minutes let alone a 2 hour drive. This did the trick. He was first very fascinated with opening/closing it and messing with the thing in general. Now he enjoys using it all the time. The compartments are great, it's the perfect height for him, and he is very good at manipulating the zippers and pouches himself. Kept him entertained and that's a big bonus for me.

....Amazon Customer

Excellent product. Better quality than I expected for the value. We took a 6 hour trip and my 6 year old never complained once. He was able to stay busy and loved all the pockets. It kept all his art supplies organized and easily accessible. He and his brother used the surface to play card games and tic rac toe. Best of all it has a strap and handle so folded up easy once we arrived and he carried it like a briefcase which he thought was awesome. Highly recommend this product for anyone with children who get bored in the car.

...Amazon Customer

My cousin is 4 almost 5, I know him so well and knew this WOULD BE PERFECT! It fits games, books, coloring books, pencils, markers, even your kids favorite car or toy ! He put it on right away as a backpack because It has the strap, I just think it's so sweet the way it is made it is sweet for a child to really love it and keep their stuff together happily! ** Car Mess gone!!**1

...Hannah S.

My daughter loves using this to color in the car!

...Leah C.